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How the green areas of city has appeared and where they will get to

The article of A. S. Kurbatova «How the green areas of city has appeared and where they will get to» is about city's natural territories destiny.  In the middle of XX-th century architects refused continuity principles in town planning. «Streets and areas  were forgotten for the sake of buildings closely pressed to each other. The result is known - blocks from concrete, separated by green areas, which were transformed to the parkings and waste areas». (R. Bofill «Spaces for life», M., 1993). Such model of «not town» has been widespread not only in Central Europe, bat also in Russia. Will the green areas be able to keep their positions in the conditions of urban expansion?

Opening day of ideas

The natural environment of city is transformed dramatically and can't be sustainable without human supporting. So in investment process on natural territories can take part only investors, which can receive a profit from their activity, making investments to the environmental conditions of territory. It is the subject of N. K. Otstavnova article.

About protected areas management system and legislation perfection

Several new statuses of urban green areas were adopted in order to preserve territories of grate significance. But sometimes these statuses contradict one another. The article of A.M. Amirchanov and O.N.Krever is about one of them.

Main tasks of environmental support of building

The urban environment is of grate importance for human life and so the ecologist role should not be determined as control function only. A.V. Suprunova states in her article, that ecologists should take part in any activity which influences the city's «ecological climate».

Ecological militia

The urban environment issues are different and numerous by birth and by impact. Many lows and orders were adopted. But for their realization necessary the legislative base, which defines their action mechanism. In Moscow for the first time in Russia such authorities are defined by special low. The deputy of Moscow ecological militia head A.L. Kostikov tells in his article about his department activity.

Let's talk about trees

The follow articles of section «Tree - kaleidoscope»: «Tree's diseases and methods of their preservation», «Struggle with icy on roads or why the trees perish in City», «The stem are again whiten», «Trees in city - a casualty or a rule» devoted to the problems of trees safety in megapolis conditions.

Burden - the compensative greenery

Everybody who deals with projects development and agreement knows the necessary request of nature protecting agencies - the cutting compensation. It's popularity may compete only with the problem of parking places lack- ascertain A. Injakina and O. Starinkevich in their article. Deficit of places for greenery exist long ago, and some measures for the problem resolution are adopted (the programs of underground parkings building). But at present there is not any city scheme of territories for compensative greenery.

Environmental true about nature in projects, or How the nature is converted to ©

A.S. Kurbatova, working in the sphere of environmental basing of building in Moscow for 15 years tells about sale of nature simultaneously with real estate. It' curiously but it's a fact: any real environmental information is absent in such «tricks».

The science to divide and to  separate

The answer to the question «Should green areas exist in city?» is clear. They are necessary. Now it is clear not only for scare Moscow fauna but only for most people, including those who estimates interrelation in society higher than relations with nature. The article of A.V. Myakokin is about role of natural areas in city.

When the roof is a garden or a garden is a roof

The utilitarian attitude to the nature as to studio where the man is only worker caused the banishment of nature from  city. It's a time to return. But were? The nature may only to break throw asphalt or to catch on soil of the roof. It cause rather sadness. The city-dweller suffers, the ecologist searches the way out of situation. This is the subject of S. Kildisheva and O. Nikolashkina subject.

140-th anniversary of apiary in Izmailovo

In 2005 on August,9 apiary in Izmailovo played it's 140-th birthday. The anniversary arrangements took place, the archive materials were collected. The apiary territory wear environment educational center created is equipped on the protected area. Ti's means  that we can do it, if we can a desire. It' the subject of V.M.Gerasimov subject.

70-th anniversary of Moscow forest department

The forest is our wealth not only on the state scale. The urban forests are the structural element of the city, they are a great part of natural territories. This year Moscow forest department celebrates it's 70-th anniversary. Often the forester's work in city seems to be insignificant, but it influence the urban environment immediately. Moscow can be proud natural riches concentrated in its forests territory. The article of V.S. Novikov is about  great work of Moscow foresters and their predecessors.

Any activity should be socially based, ecologically  permissible and economically advisable

This year is 10-th anniversary of Urban Design and Environment Research Institute. The director of UD&ER A.A. Kurbatov tells in his article about difficulties and achievements of these ten years.

Advertising: habitation and the nature in one bottle

Authors of glossy magazines apply various ways to create the interest for potential buyers. The analysis of the receptions used for ecologically quiet mood creation made by E.V. Korendyseva, shows, that often the ecological image of place does not corresponds a truth. 

Scandinavia - almost an ecological paradise on earth

The article of E.N. Korneva «Scandinavia - almost an ecological paradise on earth» is about her tour to Norway, Denmark and Portugal, and about advantages of these countries in the sphere of ecology.

Spa in the city. The report from Picnic of «Afisha»

About 60% of town dweller's rest time is connected with holidays. A shot rest is the most popular, dynamical and available for people. The creditability for shot rest is about 1-2 thousand rubles per person every month. But in the sphere of leisure today the demand is considerably higher than offer. The report of V.A.Savelieva from picnic on Red Presnja is about holidays in city.

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