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To Govern Urban Environment with skill

People aspire to create more and more comfortable life conditions. But it appears, the comfort they receive is reached sometimes due to the environment deterioration. How much our losses commensurable the benefits we get? How the design ecology removes the contradictions arising at mutual relations of man and nature? The answers are in the Aleksej Alekseevich Kurbatov, the Director of the Urban Environment Research and Design Institute interview. 

The contours of urban ecology

The Environmental component is of a grate importance for the well-being. We want to breath clean air, to drink a clean water, to bathe in clean reservoirs to enjoy green oasis's and we don't wish to suffer from noise.  Is it possible to provide favorable conditions in city today? This question is considered in Alexander Gavrilovich Ishkov, Doctor of Chemistry, the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Director of state policy in the sphere of environment preservation Department MPR Rossii article «The contours of urban ecology». 

Environmental legislation - search of decisions

Member of Moscow State Duma, the Chairman of Environmental Policy Commission, Vera Stanislavovna Stepanenko analyzes the new environmental lows - On Environmental Monitoring, On Environmental Control, On Soils Protection and On Green Areas of Moscow. 

Investment activity environmental accompaniment: problems and perspectives

The reality of market born the necessity of investment activity environmental accompaniment conception revision. It is necessary to consider such activity as ecological insurance, ecological audit and estimation of damage caused. These subjects are considered in Ph.D Dmitri Sergeevich Savin article. 

Environmental Assessment Rules - to the general denominator

Nature protecting, epidemiological and urban design norms, building standards should be corrected aside the general approaches, principles and rules to structure and the content and to the Environment Assessment section, both from the ecological, and from the town-planning and epidemiological legislation. The main in these formatives realization mechanisms development is to consider safety  and sustainability priorities. It's a conclusion of the article author, the Advisory Council member of «EcoReal» magazine Natalia Konstantinovna Otstavnova. 

Under the double management

The complex approach is necessary for urban water bodies rehabilitation, recovery and preservation. It takes in account the necessity of reservoir and it's coastal area rehabilitation. The functions of water use and protection regulation in Moscow are disseminated among numerous federal and municipal agencies. The integrated legislative, town-planning, environmental and economical policy should be a basis for urban reservoirs rehabilitation. These subjects are discussed in the deputy of MOBVU water resources department chief Elena Alexandrovna Elova article. 

Standards, technology and control of surface drainage purification from oil products

The care for reservoirs well-being is the subject of same importance with air protection. The scientists are struggle for universal water treatment technologies creation, but the existing analytical methods can't provide adequate accuracy of oil products detection in natural waters. Which methods are used today for objective water quality estimation? It is the subject of JSC «MIU-Sorb» Marina Grigorievna Tarnopolskaja article. 

The town-planner trump card

Maps reflect the information on city ecological situation and allow to reveal it's changes tendencies in form which is clear for town-planners. The new technique of ecological maps drawing up is described by candidate of geographical sciences Julia Anatolievna Barannikova. This new technique allows to create a basis for ecologically proved town-planning and administrative decisions. 

The meteorological and microclimatic conditions assessment in urban projects

The prognostic assessments of realized urban projects influence on microclimatic conditions are scanty because of legislative acts determining such investigations details volume absence. The article of Ph.D Mikhail Sergeevich Myagkov is devoted to the prognostic researches and methodological recommendations on microclimatic conditions taking into account for building projects elaboration. 

The chess-board of urban landscape: ecologists play white chess-men

Ivan Dmitrievich Fedorov describes a modern approach to a problem of land improvement design. Developed by institute experts strategy of ecological design activity support in Kurkino has allowed to generate an attractive image of Kurkino as clean and comfortable district for inhabitants and investors-builders. 

Investments to attractiveness

Main specialist of ER&DI Ph.D Elena Nikolaevna Korneva told about people working in Panfilovskaja council of Zelenogradskiy Administrative Area. They whish to make their city beautiful. 

Learn to manage ecologically

Vera Alexandrovna Savelieva, the  specialist of ER&DI discusses in her article the ecological education problems. Students should receive the scientific and practical knowledge and skills as the result of education. The purpose of environmental education is the training of experts, heads and employees of enterprises working in ecological sphere and the formation of the new consciousness, necessary in the urban governance. 

Book shelf

This section of magazine is about new publications, manuals and monographs in the field of ecology and town-planning of the Moscow region prepared by specialists of Urban Design and Research Institute. 

Ecologist on vacations

Only ecologist can mark town's «ecological» details. The usual tourist will never attach significance to them. Our authors are curious persons. They see and know many. Usually it is difficult to surprise them, but it's possible. Valery Vladimirovich Petrov and Ekaterina Borisovna Samukhina tells about sunny Italy and mysterious Japan, were they spent holidays this year. 

Eco-Images in business

Elena Vladimirovna Korendjase-va, the author of the article, thinks, that to protect the nature is a good form, the part of company's prestigious and image. Not long ago the society considered nature protection as the State function only. But gradually the common well being began to worry industrial and financial sectors of economy. 

How to make money... from air

It's possible to make money from air, thinks Andrey Vladimirovich Mosenev, Director of Green Group Company. It is necessary to make an absolutely terrestrial business - to clean ventilation systems. The reason of this market appeal is the absolute absence of competition.